omg i hate your gaaaamnangen stylle song


message to everyone who replied to that post with “wake your friends”: my friends are up its just that no ones a freak like I am

I’m freaking out I smell rotten eggs and we can’t find the source and everything I’m reading says “haha gas leak!!! get the hell out” but also I’m afraid I’m just psyching myself out so what can I do. Also all the windows in my friend’s house are sealed up with like saran wrap + duct tape for heating purposes so we’re completely fucked if it is a gas leak. This might be goodbye tell my parents I love them

"Do." - lamb hoof

"Do." - lamb hoof

alisa dont follow me im logging off soon

damn i forgot about this dude getting fucking hanged in tarzan holy shit

lambhoof replied to your post: "Do."

it’s good isn’t it

its great im waiting for this icing to cool down so i can put it on there

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